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The Ouija board can often open channels to the wrong kinds of
spirits and bring horror to those who ventured into playing the

As she writes her next thriller about a serial killer, the possessed
one gets into her head through telepathy to learn what she is
writing to use as a script for his life of crime. Curt's suspicious
nighttime absences make Kate wonder where and what he is
doing away from home. Her life becomes a real nightmare.
Can Kate save herself from the horrors in her own creativity and
find her own happy ending?  
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This story reached out and caught me from page one.  Being knowledgeable about Ouija Boards, Author Jennifer Robins is right on about
how some ‘thing’ or ‘things’ can slip through and enter your world.  She does an excellent job via a story to bring a very real danger to the
forefront.  She also writes an excellent thriller, having Kate’s husband Curt missing certain nights so as to throw suspicion onto him.  I love
a who-done-it  . . . even more so when it has the smack of the Other Side in it . . and I’m not talking about Heaven.  Page by page, chapter
by chapter, the suspense builds.  Jennifer Robins is an author I am definitely going to keep tabs on.  Read An Author’s Nightmare and see
for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  More like glued to your chair!  Top Read for sure!

Reviewed by: Marianne Gibson at Between The Lines. Five stars.
What happens when three
hunters  venture to a cemetery
possessed by a ghost who
comes out on Halloween night
will keep you on the edge of
your seat.
Caution: Read only in daylight.
Imagine being thrown back in
time. A period of time you've
only read about in books and
now you can't get back to the
present. You are forced to
wander in the midsts of the
revolutionary war with no idea
of how or when you will get
help.  Will Carl and Beth ever
get back?
Britney never expected to meet up in
the house she’d moved into. Not
only did he upset her by being there,
but he also became very interested
with a ghost living in an old mirror
left in her which led him to help her
from a dreaded disease. His good
deed is rewarded by the very thing
that kept him from moving on.
Britney finds her life turned around
through the help of a lost spirit,
Captain Leopold Archer and she can
go on to fulfill her fondest wishes.
Emily is living two different lives,
she's told it's multiple personality or
is it? Could there be something
more sinister at hand?
Now out in paperback
Psychometry is a psychic gift that
allows on to divine. A young rookie
cop, Kevin has this gift and uses it to
solve crime. He saves the woman he
loves from the hands of a dangerous
criminal. Only $0.99  Enjoy
Widowed Clara Espy never thought she’d
have to worry about her independence, but
after the sudden death of her husband, she
had to find a way to earn a living. The
insurance left to her would not last so she
took over a antiques shop as a way to keep
her life going on as it was. Events during her
remodeling, open the door to a hidden gift of
Psychometry which turns her life around. She
finds many things in those old antiques she's
going to sell.  
A truly romantic love story.
Over the Mistletoe is a sweet and short
read that vividly depicts the time of the
Great Depression. Being short, there is
little time for deep character development.
But through the main characters we are
treated to a touch of life in 1939. I enjoyed
the lightness and sweetness of the story
as well as the setting. The setting made it
that much nicer! For anyone who has an
interest in this time period, I definitely
recommend this for an airy afternoon read.
Night Owl Reviews.
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Nothing like a spooky Halloween
story to set the holiday season off.
Domestic violence is on the rise. This
romantic drama filled novel will open
our eyes to the sever abuse going on
in the world.
Abuse Me No More is.....
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A must read.
Now out in paperback.
Held hostage on the waters outside his
Seattle home, Mike encounters a strange
entity who forces him to look at a life long
commitment to Amy.
Was it a dream or did he really make
love to the older Miss Lillian? All he came
to her house to do was tune her piano,
but he made a wish he never thought
would come true.
Who would have thought a simple
weekend trip to a resort int he desert
would take this young couple to a
place unknown to anyone but them. A
strange town at the end of the road.
Cold Coffee Press/Café is
please announce
‘Romance In Napoli’ by
Jennifer Robins.
An adventure into the past.
A college student learns how to leave his
body on command, but it soon corrupts him,
into a life of deceit and crime.