Psychometry is a psychic power that allows
one to divine when holding or touching an
item. Widowed Clara Espy becomes gifted with
this power and discovers some of those
old items in her antique shop are occupied by
their deceased owners.
Suspense, murder and romance fill the pages
of both these exciting novels.

This book was published in 2004 long before
the TV series Ghost Whisperer.  
In the second book, Clara deals
with the past of an ancient Egyptian
bowl that brings her into a situation
of danger.

She also discovers her love for the
man who has fallen in love with her
from the first time he met her.
After moving into a restored three story century
old house Andrea and John find it occupied not
only by a ghost but a handsome lover from
another dimension who seduces the new female
owner into a dangerous romance.

Sometime this year, this book will be
released again and this edition will no longer
be available.